This is why we can’t communicate effectively!!!

Talking to my husband, Ben, when he came home this evening.

Me: “So, I decided to try blogging.”

Ben: “is that some sort of water exercise?”

Me: “wha- Did you just-Are you being serious? You can’t be serious. Do you really not know what blogging is?”

Ben: “Sounds expensive.  Are you sure you want to be out in the sun that much? You know how nutty you are when it comes to staying transparently pasty.”

Me: “Hey now, that is uncalled for. And the term is alabaster, fool.  A blog is a place someone writes, on the internet. I started a blog to try writing on. So I am blogging.”

Ben: “So you started a diary? Well, if it helps you, but don’t you have half a dozen different journaling notebooks? You are going to start keeping a copy of your secrets online too?”

Me: “No. What? Huh? No. A blog is like an internet story book. You write it, and if you are lucky, people will read it and enjoy the stories you tell.”

Ben: Well, that is weird. You really should not let people read your diary.”

Me: “Um- I don’t think I am explaining this well. at all…”

Ben: “Oh, does this mean you are going to start making funny cat videos?  I love funny cat videos!”

And that was when I gave up, because I really just do not know how to make a guy who’s idea of great advancements is being able to watch GI Joe on his phone, understand what I was explaining, when I can not even program my watch.  And also I am mildly flattered that my husband has enough faith in me to suggest I am talented enough to make funny videos about cats. Silver linings, folks. Silver Linings.


About Donna Nichola

Perpetual awkward teenager trapped in the body of a Thirty something. Spends her days trying to justify why she should make a pan of brownies, and grappling with the sad reality that she never will be a rock star.
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