Well shoot.

I think I am going to become one of those crazy old people that claims they don’t go to the doctor, because the doctor always finds something wrong with them.  Yesterday I went to see my doctor, because of an ear ache.  I walked out with a order to have testes run for Lupus and RA.  What the fuck?  

It started innocently enough. He asked me why I was hobbling, and I told him that my body hurt, but that I was managing my pain fairly well. Then he asked a bunch of questions completely unrelated to my wounded ear. After a while he said, “Yeah, I do not think that is what you think it is. This sounds like it could be RA. Possibly Lupus. “

I am so freaking annoyed by this, that I can not think of a single funny thing to say right now.  I think this may be Douche bag Jesus’ way of getting back at me for spilling the beans about his bad attitude.


About Donna Nichola

Perpetual awkward teenager trapped in the body of a Thirty something. Spends her days trying to justify why she should make a pan of brownies, and grappling with the sad reality that she never will be a rock star.
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