Just keep drinking

Things have been insane here. Between two cases of strep throat, a stomach bug, preparing the older of the minors for Kindergarten, and a ton of other things, I have been as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

On top of the daily crazy, my husband has decided that he wants to take the civil service exam, to possibly start doing police work again. While I know he was a fantastic police officer, and I know that police work is his first true love, I would be lying if I said I am totally cool with it. This world seems to get crazier by the minute, and I just hate the thought of him being in even more danger than he is right now, while at work.

We were invited to our neighborhood’s annual block party last weekend, and in usual fashion, I quoted too many movies. So on one hand, the old black guy two houses down loves me for my ability to quote the movie Friday, and my knowledge of Dr. Dre’s classic album, The Chronic. The other hand, the majority of my neighbors think I am weird. And not very fun, I guess. The entire night made me feel old and crazy.  And cause a large amount of anxiety when I got home, because I observed my son behaving the same way I do, and I observed the other kids acting like he was nuts.

You know, now that I am writing all of this out, maybe I can see why my husband would prefer a job where people will shoot at him.

About Donna Nichola

Perpetual awkward teenager trapped in the body of a Thirty something. Spends her days trying to justify why she should make a pan of brownies, and grappling with the sad reality that she never will be a rock star.
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2 Responses to Just keep drinking

  1. Maybe your neighbors are just too NORMAL! Mine are. That is why I generally avoid the block party. I know I’m a little odd, but I feel like the rest of them are just putting on a show of what a suburban family SHOULD be like. Then they all talk about each other behind each other’s backs. 😛

  2. Kenna says:

    I repeat – whatever you do – don’t watch End of Watch if your husband goes back into that. Jake Gyllenhaal first made his appearance to me in Donnie Darko. I have a soft spot in my heart for guys with those kind of roles that can make them look so innocent. Not that I want to bone them… more like I want to give them a cookie and let them build their feelings with play-dough. Along with the brother from Little Miss Sunshine. Him being color blind broke my fucking heart. That scene plays through my head and I shed tears. Anyways. Don’t watch any fucking movie, that was my point right? Miss you Sestie.

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