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Perpetual awkward teenager trapped in the body of a Thirty something. Spends her days trying to justify why she should make a pan of brownies, and grappling with the sad reality that she never will be a rock star.

Bad pet owners make me feel stabby

I have to get on a soap box for a moment. Please keep scrolling if you don’t want to hear it. Pit bull owners, People are trying to ban your dog, based on the reputation the breed has gotten for … Continue reading

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I hate my neighbors.

This is not a real entry. I just feel the need to say I wish I was still a young chikaboom, with big speakers.  Because I would totally put them face down to the floor, and pay these idiots back … Continue reading

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Well shoot.

I think I am going to become one of those crazy old people that claims they don’t go to the doctor, because the doctor always finds something wrong with them.  Yesterday I went to see my doctor, because of an … Continue reading

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This is why we can’t communicate effectively!!!

Talking to my husband, Ben, when he came home this evening. Me: “So, I decided to try blogging.” Ben: “is that some sort of water exercise?” Me: “wha- Did you just-Are you being serious? You can’t be serious. Do you … Continue reading

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Jesus Story Time.

It doesn’t matter how many times I see this, or how totally offensive this might to be to some. I never fail to smile when I see it. Because the Jesus in my mind? Totally would have said this. He … Continue reading

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This is not a test.

Because if it was, I would be screwed. I have totally failed, and I don’t even remember it happening.  Last thing I remember, I was a totally cool 21 year old. So how the hell did I wake up here, … Continue reading

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